Countywide Food Pantries
Each of our Ministerial Association food pantries are local to Colusa County and are available to anyone to visit and receive food, with no limit or charge. We have a pantry in nearly every county community!
  Arbuckle       Williams          
  Arbuckle Community Church     Woodland Community College - Williams Campus  
  M, W, F, 10-12pm     M-Th 8am-5pm          
  700 Hillgate Road, Arbuckle CA   99 Ella Street, Williams CA 95987      
  Arbuckle REACH Center (MACC)   Williams Community Church        
  Monday - Friday 10a-5pm     Monday - Friday 10am-2pm        
  304 5th Street, Arbuckle CA     315 9th Street, Williams CA 95987      
  Colusa         Stonyford          
  Colusa Assembly of God Church   Indian Valley Assembly of God Church    
  T, W, Th, 2-5pm     Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue 1pm - 3pm        
  1747 Ste Hwy 20, Colusa CA 95932   4570 Lodoga-Stonyford Rd, Stonyford CA 95979    
  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church       Stonyford Community Church        
  Th, Sat, 9a-11am     Tues - Thurs 11am -3pm        
  345 Oak Street, Colusa CA 95932   293 Sutter Street, Stonyford CA 95979      
  Colusa One-Stop Partnership     Maxwell          
  Monday - Friday, 8:30a - 4:30pm   Maxwell Baptist Church      
  326 Market Street, Colusa CA 95932   T-Th 10am-2pm          
            177 California Street, Maxwell CA 95995    
  Cachil Dehe Community Indian Center                
  Monday -Friday 8-5, open to tribal members              
  3730 Highway 45, Colusa CA 95932